Pupils Interviewing Pupils

Thank you to these Year 6 Pupils  who carried out a pupil voice in Breakfast Club this morning. Here are some of the questions they asked and results. 


Q – How does Heygreen deal with bullying?

“The class teacher helps them get through it.” 

“We have anti-bullying week and talk about it in class.”

“We know to tell the teacher and talk about it.”

“We have posters around school to help us remember.”

Q2 – Are you happy at Heygreen? 

“I am happy at Heygreen because I feel safe and because the pupils are really nice. The teachers help you solve problems.”

“I am happy because we have fun lessons.”

“I am happy because I have good friends who cheer me up.”

“I am happy because my teacher helps me with my work.”

Q3 – Do you feel safe at Heygreen?

“Yes because we have friends and the teachers are there at play and lunchtimes.”

“I feel safe because we have gates which are shut.”

“We are safe at Heygreen because we have rules and teachers who look after us.” 

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