Ks2 Pupil Voice 

Today, some of our Year 6 pupils visited each class in Ks2 and asked, what have we done well this term?

Here are some of their responses.

“Playtimes have been a lot of fun, especially with the new reading trolley.”

“The new big write has been good and has helped us to extend our writing.”

“I’ve liked playtime this term because of all the equipment.”

“Lessons have been good this term because we have been challenged lots.”

“I have liked all of the awards that we have won. It has made me feel proud.”

  Here are the children’s responses on what they would like to improve next term.

“I would like us to improve our behaviour in assembly so that we are more abiding and respectful.”

“I would like our attendance to increase and for us to reach our target of 97%.”

“I think we could have more active games at lunchtime on the KS2 playground.”

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