Year 3 Pupil Voice on Independent Learning

These pupils were interviewed in Year 3 about a Maths lesson they had just participated in. When asked what did the teacher provide to encourage and support them being independent learners, all pupils identified the following:

  • Use of the working wall. 
  • Steps to Success – (How to carry out column addition in this instance).
  • The teacher showing them how to complete a question (Modelling).
  • The teacher allowing them to ‘Have a Go’ before going to their work activity (Practising). 

All of these are brilliant examples of how Heygeen encourages its pupils to be independent learners and take responsibility for their own learning. 


Year 5 Pupil Voice on Challenge

When asked about how their teacher challenges them in a recent Year 5 lesson observation. 

One pupil replied, “Our teacher puts pink in our book which means we have to correct something or it is a question.”

Another pupil added, “This is good because we have to correct our mistakes.”

This was then supported by a third pupil who said, “It is good when we get something wrong because it helps us to learn more.” 

Outstanding work Year 5, Well Done! 


Year 1 Pupil Voice on Marking

 In a lesson observation today in Year 1, these children spoke postivitely about marking and feedback.

One pupil said, “Pink in your book is good because it makes you think.” 

Another pupil replied, “Thinking is good because it makes your brain smarter.”

All these children liked seeing green in their books and collectively said, “Green to be Seen!” 

Well done Year 1, what a wonderful growth mindset you have!